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Neo-Geo & Legal "Funky Routine" (teaser)

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KOS.MOS.MUSIC presents the first release of 2021, a joint mini-album by Neo-Geo from Australia and Legal, a Romanian, based in Italy. Both producers have already been noticed by their solo releases and tracks on the label. “Funky Routine LP” is a perfect example of modern drum’n’bass, it’s liquid part, in particular. All tracks from the album are an exciting combination of traditional liquidfunk rolling groove with jazzy mood, with neuro and acid elements. Some tracks show techstep and electro echoes.

Neo-Geo & Legal "Funky Routine LP" /KOSMOS127LPDGTL/ (preview)

1. Neo-Geo & Legal - Funky Routine
2. Neo-Geo - The Giant
3. Neo-Geo - People From Last Week
4. Neo-Geo & Legal - Fazing Lately
5. Neo-Geo - Horizons
6. Legal - Chasing Acids
7. Neo-Geo - Exit Strategy
8. Neo-Geo - No Escape

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Release date:  February 17, 2021


Neo-Geo & Legal "Funky Routine LP" /KOSMOS127LPDGTL/

MidKnighT Moon "Around We Go" /KOSMOS125LPDGTL/

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